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All the Sins

Lauri Räihä, a criminal investigator from Helsinki, is sent to investigate two murders that have occurred in the northern Finnish town where he grew up. The assignment offers Lauri a way out of confronting his own problems.

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2019

IMDb: 5.4

Season 2 - All the Sins
"The truth is finally fully revealed to Ritola. Aaro helps Ritola, and the duo's relationship deepens. Ritola finds out who the murderer is, but will the justice get served?"
"The mercenary is arrested, and the Millennium women protest. People of Varjakka are worried about the end of the world. Aaro befriends his bully. Ritola makes an irreversible mistake."
"The mercenary is treated in the cleansing rituals of the Millennium Center. The business executive openly celebrates his success. Ritola lies to the police chief as his relationship with Meeri is getting warmer."
"A former mercenary suffers from his traumas at the Millennium Center. Police chief protects the business executive, but Ritola gets a hint and attacks the Mafia of the believers. Aaro is in dire need of Ritola."
"Young Aaro is bullied at school. Millennium women work miracles. Jealousy haunts Ritola. When Meeri gets in danger, Ritola realizes that the killer is still on the loose."
"Year 1999. Young Aaro finds his parents dead. Constable Jussi Ritola starts to investigate the deaths, but it throws his stable life into chaos. Varjakka’s daily life is also shaken by the Millennium movement, which is led by women."
Season 1 - All the Sins