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Mad for Each Other

Bothered to realize they are next-door neighbors and share a psychiatrist, a man and a woman find it's impossible to stay out of each other's way.

Duration: 35 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2021

IMDb: 8

Season 1 - Mad for Each Other
"Resolving to protect Hwi-oh, Min-kyung meets the one person she wanted to avoid. Concerned for her safety, Hwi-oh chases after her."
"Hwi-oh's fury takes over when Min-kyung's ex-boyfriend shows up at the apartment. Lee Su-hyeon finds out that a video of her singing has gone viral."
"After receiving good news at the psychiatrist's office, Hwi-oh heads to the police station. At the apartment, Min-kyung panics when her dog gets loose."
"As a show of repentance, the Women's Association sets out to help Min-kyung. After a night of drinking, Min-kyung tells Hwi-oh she wishes to see him."
"Malicious rumors about Min-kyung spread online. While other neighbors turn against her, Hwi-oh promises she can always count on him to take her side."
"Min-kyung exchanges harsh words with her mother. She's further shaken by the identity of a prospective tenant who comes by to see her apartment."
"A sudden incident in the night scares Min-kyung, who feels vulnerable living alone. Hwi-oh's mother discovers a woman in her son's apartment."
"Hwi-oh trains Min-kyung in the basics of self-defense. But soon, Min-kyung's anxiety returns in full force with the arrival of a sudden piece of mail."
"The flasher resurfaces, this time in front of Min-kyung, but thankfully Hwi-oh is close by. The next day, she asks him for a favor."
"Min-kyung is determined to find her missing dog. Getting wind of drug dealing activity on a chatting app, Hwi-oh sets out on an undercover mission."
"Bumping into an old coworker dredges up painful memories for Min-kyung. With a flasher on the loose, Hwi-oh is roped into patrolling the neighborhood."
"At the police station, Min-kyung and Hwi-oh go at each other's throats. Later, Hwi-oh is advised to stay away from people who trigger his anger."
"On a rainy day, Lee Min-kyung and Noh Hwi-oh experience a series of increasingly unpleasant encounters, unaware they live next door to each other."