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Museum Men

Whether it's the famous steps of the Titanic or the legendary lunar landing of Apollo 13, there is no museum exhibit that the expert builders at Creative Arts Unlimited, Inc. can't re-create. Viewers will follow these highly skilled craftsmen as they use their expertise to meticulously rebuild history in museums across the nation. Led by Roger Barganier (co-founder, president and creative director), the team at Creative Arts Unlimited, approach each build with a determination to tell a story. Every exhibit that is produced by the Museum Men is engaging, informative, and historically accurate. No detail is overlooked, because for Creative Arts authenticity is everything. In addition to building for museums, Creative Arts also re-creates items for private collections. But whoever the recipient may be, every build poses unique challenges, including hard-to-find research, demanding schedules, and obsolete methods of construction.

Genre: Documentary , Reality-TV

Actor: Roger Barganier , Daryl Mosher


Country: USA

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 4

Season 1 - Museum Men
"Creative Arts is building a Byzantine hydraulic throne inspired by King Solomon for the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, Florida. The team will also build a medieval crossbow for a “living historian” and archery enthusiast."
"Creative Arts builds the Mark 1 tank for the Discovery Park of America, the most game-changing weapon to emerge from World War I. The team also takes on a side project, a telephone booth for a Florida hotel. This historical phone booth will house the hotel's prized possession: an actual 1930's era telephone!"
"Creative Arts has been commissioned by a Tennessee museum to build an exhibit focusing on items of torture from the Spanish Inquisition. The team also takes on a side project–a sidecar for a WW2 Russian motorcycle as part of the Wounded Warrior program."
"Creative Arts has been commissioned by the Tennessee Museum of Aviation–home to one of the best historical aircraft collections in the country–to build the Skycycle X-2, the rocket used by Evel Knievel in his most famous daredevil stunt. The team will also be building President Kennedy’s Resolute Desk for the retired mayor of Tampa."
"The Creative Arts team has just 17 days to build a full-scale replica of President Abraham Lincoln's Springfield funeral carriage, the same number of days that the city of Springfield had to make the original carriage for Lincoln. The team will also build a knight's suit of armor for a friend who plans to wear it in a Renaissance-era joust."
"Creative Arts is building the Bell X1 for the Armed Forces History Museum in Largo, Florida and a Pennsylvania Long Rifle for the Florida Frontiersmen, a local non-profit group that wants to present the firearm as a scholarship award to one of their young members."
"The Museum of Science and Industry is looking to expand their space race exhibit, and they know just the team to help them do this: Creative Arts. The team agrees to build the iconic Apollo 13 lunar module, the hero craft from the perilous Apollo 13 mission. On top of the pressures of the space race exhibit, Creative Arts has taken on another, more sentimental project: a recreation of the William Wallace sword."
"Creative Arts is creating a full-scale midget submarine, the WWII German Seehund, for the Tampa Bay History Center. The team will also build a secret door bookcase for the VIP room at Ciro's Speakeasy."
"Creative Arts is tasked with one of their biggest builds to date: Help boost attendance at the St. Petersburg Museum of History by creating an all-new exhibit around the museum’s own Egyptian mummy, The Lady of the Nile. The Museum Men’s solution? King Tut."